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#tbt 1988-1990

DJs Louis and Yohan continue the #tbt theme with tracks from 1988-1990 in the first show of summer quarter. Featuring favourites from Lee Sunhee, Jo Yong Pil, The Zoo, and more.
Featuring DJs Louis and Yohan. Aired on WNUR-FM Evanston Chicago on 6/17/2017.

1. Kim Hyun Sik - You Are Always By My Side [Kim Hyun Sik Vol. 4]
2. Kwon In Ha, Kim Hyun Sik, Kang Hyun Sik – A Rainy Day's Watercolor [A Rainy Day's Watercolor OST]
3. Lee Sunhee - You I Always [This Point Where Love Fades]
4. Lee Sunhee - Beautiful Landscape [This Point Where Love Fades]
5. Jo Yong Pil - Now I Wish It Were [Reunion In Memories]
6. Leetzsche - I Will Love [I Will Love]
7. Jeon In Kwon - After I Loved [Bluebird]
8. Shin Hae Chul - Don't Make A Sad Face [Don't Make A Sad Face]
9. Unlimited Orbit - For My Dear ['88 MBC Campus Song Festival LP]
10. Byun Jin Seob - To You Again [My Wish]
11. So Bang Cha - Top Secret [Top Secret]
12. Si Na Wi - Winter Rain [Four]
13. The Zoo - Hye Hwa Dong [Write A Letter On A Cloudy Autumn Sky]
14. The Zoo - On the Street [On the Street]
15. Shinchon Blues - Regrets [Street Without My Dear]
16. Lee Moon Sae - If You Stand in the Shadow of a Street Tree [If You Stand in the Shadow of a Street Tree]
17. Lee Seung Chul - Don't Say Bye [Don't Say Bye]
18. Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall - People Change [Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall]
19. Kim Kwang Seok - Wait For Me [Kim Kwang Seok 1]

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