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#tbt 1985-1987

DJs Steve and Yvonne bring the last show of spring quarter, continuing the #tbttheme with tracks from 1985-1987. Featuring favourites from Lee Moonsae, Deulgukhwa, Baekdoosan, and more.
Featuring DJs Steve and Yvonne. Aired on WNUR-FM Evanston Chicago on 6/10/2017.

1. Sanulrim - Don't Go [Does it Rain the Day You Leave]
2. Lee Moonsae – Whistle [Lee Moonsae 3]
3. Lee Moonsae - Girl [Lee Moonsae 3]
4. Lee Moonsae - In the Rain [Lee Moonsae 3]
5. Lee Sunhee - Ah! The Old Days [Lee Sunhee 1st Album]
6. Lee Sunhee - I've Fallen in Love [Lee Sunhee 1st Album]
7. Lee Sunhee - Galbaram [Lee Sunhee 2nd Album]
8. Lee Sunhee - I Want to Know [Lee Sunhee 3rd Album]
9. Boohwal - Heeya [Rock Will Never Die]
10. Boohwal - The Story of You and the Rain [Rock Will Never Die]
11. 들국화- March [March]
12. 들국화 - Everyday With You [March]
13. 들국화 - That's Only My World [March]
14. 들국화 - Please [March]
15. Lee Jung-suk - Because I Love [Lee Jung-suk 1st Album]
16. Kim Hyun-shik - Like the Rain Like Music [Like the Rain Like Music]
17. Yoo Jae-ha - Because I Love You [Because I Love You]
18. Yoo Jae-ha - You in My Arms [Because I Love You]
19. Baekdoosan - In the Dark [Too Fast! Too Loud! Too Heavy!]
20. Baekdoosan - I'll Tell You [Too Fast! Too Loud! Too Heavy!]
21. Baekdoosan - Our Thing [Too Fast! Too Loud! Too Heavy!]
22. Baekdoosan - Up in the Sky [King of Rock 'n' Roll]
23. Baekdoosan - Main Character [Too Fast! Too Loud! Too Heavy!]
24. Nami - Sad Fate [Don't Be Tempted To]

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