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On Cloud 9

K-Sound is kicking off the school year with the theme of "Discovery," where each week our DJs will introduce you to artists they discovered over the summer. This week, DJs Jenni & Joo-Young feature various artists whose feel-good music put them "On Cloud 9" during their travels over the summer. From soothing piano melodies to upbeat festival music, sit back, relax, and enjoy!


Featuring Jenni and Jooyoung. Aired on WNUR-FM Evanston Chicago on 9/24/16.

1. Red Cheek Puberty- I Will Give You the Universe (Red Planet)
2. Red Cheek Puberty- Fit (Red Planet)
3. Red Cheek Puberty- Sometimes (Red Ickle)
4. Red Cheek Puberty- Ring (Red Planet)
5. Red Cheek Puberty- X Song (Red Planet)
6. Cheeze- How Do You Think (Q)
7. Cheeze- Mood Indigo (Q)
8. Cheeze- Romance (Plain)
9. Cheeze- Ticket (Ticket)
10. 40- Sing the Spring (April's Spring)
11. 40- Letter to Listen To (Letter to Listen To)
12. 40- Honey (Honey)
13. 40 ft. Swings- Black (Canvas)
14. Daybreak- Love Actually (Aurora)
15. Daybreak- Aurora (Aurora)
16. Daybreak- Good (New Day)
17. Subin- Flower (This Place)
18. Subin- Nothing (This Place)
19. Subin- Of Course, If, Again (This Place)
20. Paul Kim- Rain (Rain)
21. Paul Kim- Dream (Song Diary)
22. Paul Kim- Put Off (Put Off)
23. Refill (Refill)
24. Bravo (cover of 40)
25. Chamsom- Song A (Seesaw)
26. Chamsom- Forget You (Internal Feelings)

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