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Time Travel

"I feel like a time traveler:
June, July, August.
Summer dissolves in my mouth
and I can’t remember what it tasted like."

In the fourth installment of K-Sound's "Discovery" series, DJs Joo-Young and Yvonne feature music that kept them company throughout Summer 2016. This week's episode features two hours of a wide range of genres and emotions — both loud and calm hip-hop, acoustic tunes, and sappy ballads — so there's something in here for anyone. This is a piece of our summers, and we hope you enjoy.

Featuring Joo-Young and Yvonne. Aired on WNUR-FM Evanston Chicago on 10/17/16.
1. Habibi – Sik-K (FLIP)
2. 랑데뷰 Rendezvous – Sik-K (FLIP)
3. Don’t Play (feat. punchnello) – Sik-K (FLIP)
4. 다른척해Act Different – Sik-K (FLIP)
5. 기다린 만큼, 더 – 검정치마 (또! 오해영 OST)
Wait More – The Black Skirts (Another Oh Haeyeong OST)
6. 어쩌면 나 – 로이킴 (또! 오해영 OST)
Maybe I – Roy Kim (Another Oh Haeyeong OST)
7. 너였다면 – 정승환 (또! 오해영 OST)
If It Were Me – Jung Seunghwan (Another Oh Haeyeong OST)
8. 그 집 앞 (feat. 김진호 of SG워너비) – Basick (그 집 앞)
In Front of the House (feat. Kim Jinho of SG Wannabe – Basick (In Front of the House)
9. Sunday in My Bedroom (feat. B.O.) – Basick
10. 뜨겁지가 않아 Not So Hot – Paul Kim, Vasco (Not So Hot)
11. 언젠가 설명이 필요한 밤 – 안녕하신가영 (언젠가 설명이 필요한 밤)
A Night that Needs Explaining – Hello Gayoung (A Night that Needs Explaining)
12. 그냥 가요 (feat. 조현아 of 어반 자카파) – 긱스 (그냥 가요)
Just Go (feat. Jo Hyuna of Urban Zakapa) – Geeks (Just Go)
13. 뒷모습이 참 예뻤구나– 규현 (The 1st Mini Album '광화문에서')
At Close
14. It’s You – 야광토끼 Neon Bunny (It’s You)
15. Room 314 –야광토끼Neon Bunny (Stay Gold)
16. Romance in Seoul – 야광토끼 Neon Bunny (Stay Gold)
17. Daytime Disco – Spazzkid & 야광토끼 Neon Bunny (Daytime Disco)
18. 정류장 Bus Stop – Busker Busker (Superstar K Season 3)
19. 공드리 GONDRY (8 REMIX) – hyukoh
20. 오르막길 – 윤종신 (오르막길)
Uphill – Yoon Jongshin (Uphill)
21. Love Lane – Mamamoo (Marriage not Dating OST)
22. 공연장 맨 앞줄에 – 슬릭 (COLOSSUS)
Front Row at the Concert – SLEEQ (COLOSSUS)
23. Liquor – SLEEQ (COLOSSUS)
24. Eiffel (feat. Cherry Coke) – SLEEQ (COLOSSUS)
25. 젖고있어 Getting Wet – Beenzino (12)
26. Fallin’ (feat. illinit) – Paul Kim (The 1st Mini Album 'Song Diary' – EP)
27. 편지 Letter – Paul Kim (The 1st Mini Album 'Song Diary' – EP)

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