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Danny + Louis Comeback Special

DJs Danny and Louis, the founders of K-Sound, are back after two long years of absence. They picked out some of the best tracks they've discovered while they were away. From psychedelic rock numbers to electronic, R&B, and hip hop, take a glimpse at the kinds of tunes Danny and Louis will be playing from now on!

Featuring Danny and Louis. Aired on WNUR-FM Evanston Chicago on 10/1/16.
*Format: Artist - Title (Album)

1. Sister's Barbershop - Have you forgotten me? (Dream pop)
언니네 이발관 - 나를 잊었나요? (꿈의 팝송)
2. Primary, Hyukk Oh - Bawling (Lucky You!)
프라이머리, 혁오 - Bawling (Lucky You!)
3. The Black Skirts - Everything (Everything)
검정치마 - Everything (Everything)
4. Jun Bum Sun and the Yangbans - Revolution from down below (Revolution Songs)
전범선과 양반들 - 아래로부터의 혁명 (혁명가)
5. Thornapple - Seoul (Seoul Disease)
쏜애플 - 서울 (서울병)
6. Loro's - W.A.N.D.Y (W.A.N.D.Y)
로로스 - W.A.N.D.Y (W.A.N.D.Y)
7. Bye Bye Sea - Fly (Farewell, overnight)
안녕바다 - 파리 (밤새, 안녕히)
8. The Monotones - Into the night (The Monotones)
더 모노톤즈 - Into the night (The Monotones)
9. Jannabi - Wish (Monkey Hotel)
잔나비 - Wish (Monkey Hotel)
10. Nell - Home (C)
넬 - Home (C)
11. Bye Bye Badman - Genuine (Genuine)
바이바이 배드맨 - Genuine (Genuine)
12. Jeon Yonghyeon - Southern Wave (Southern Wave)
전용현 - 남쪽물결 (남쪽물결)
13. Jida - High (High)
지다 - High (High)
14. Yolhoon - Voyager_feat.Whale (Yolhoon)
욜훈 - 보이저_feat.Whale (Yolhoon)
15. Mot - Perfect Dream (Documentation of ashes)
못 - Perfect Dream (재의 기술)
16. Ravie Nuage - Youth (Youth)
하비누아주 - 청춘 (청춘)
17. Suran - I feel (I feel)
수란 - I feel (I feel)
18. Yang Da IL - A step back_feat.Chancellor (Say)
양다일 - 한발짝 뒤로_feat.챈슬러 (Say)
19. Reddy - Think_feat.Jay Park (Think)
레디 - 생각해_feat.박재범 (생각해)
20. Django - Play on, playa_feat.Palo Alto, Kim Hyemi of Kumapark; Clean ver. (Play on, playa)
장고 - Play on, playa_feat.팔로알토, 김혜미 of Kumapark; Clean ver. (Play on, playa)
21. B-Free - Hot Summer (Korean Dream)
비-프리 - Hot Summer (Korean Dream)
22. Louie (Geeks) - Wings_feat. Yoo Sung Eun, Ryno (Hwang Mun Seop)
루이 (긱스) - 날개_feat.유성은, Ryno (황문섭)
23. June One Kim - Fakin'_feat.Kim Ximya of XXX (Rough ver.)
김준원 - Fakin'_feat.김심야 of XXX (Rough ver.)

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